About Me


Riska : Iskra

I have been writing most of my life and adopted the name iskra from a school history book, when I was a teenager. I found it interesting and quite fitting because it had all the letters in my given name (Riska) and means "spark" (Russian). Everyone knows you can't start a fire without a spark...

What's my story

I'm married to a handsome bearded fellow and we have two wonderful, sometimes annoying, children. (Just kidding, I love them to bits). We live in Mossel Bay, South Africa, a coastal town about 4 hours drive from Cape Town. Here I spend my days loving, caring and feeding them (laundry included). I also write (and sing) a bit of everything really... music and lyrics for local artists, journal-ling, poetry, interviews, articles. It's my thing.

Me & My Family


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