photo: Fred Rivett

the two of us

were not so good or welcoming

towards each other

I used you and you used me

we didn’t really like each other

we are so different

and our indifference grew

we soon split up

becoming them and us

our people weren’t so good

or welcoming towards another

they used each other

and hurt one another

they didn’t like each other

all that much

I’m on this side

you are over there

trenched quite pitiful

in divided hurts

what if this pattern became history?

what would we then repeat?

blue eyes for brown ones

again and again and again?

until Hate has grown

a beard so long

until none of us can see?

what if we became

all of us

and we allowed ourselves

more than enough

the Grace

the soft focus

of heaven’s Door

surely Love will be enough?

#writtenbyiskra #geskryfdeuriskra #historyrepeated #loveonrepeat

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