“Just a small-town girl, livin’ in a lonely world. She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere…..” We all know this popular song. (Don’t Stop Believin/by Journey) Well, if you are from a small town or not, but want to get on that train or plane going ‘anywhere’, my hometown Mossel Bay is definitely a small town treasure worth the visit! Mossel Bay is a popular tourist destination with loads of activities, friendly people, rich history, pockets of beauty, treasured beaches, a mild and moderate climate (In fact, Mossel Bay has the second most moderate climate in the world next to Hawaii). It is situated about 400km east of the Mother City (a.k.a Cape Town). Now if you are direction-retarded like me, I probably lost you at ‘east’ as I was attempting to appear otherwise. So, I’d rather skip the details and get you into what’s fun in the Bay!

As a writer, I could easily give you all the popular places and activities you should visit along the Garden Route, but want to urge you to say bye to boring, throw away the checklist and get off the beaten track!

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