I discovered Munro’s art at the KKNK in Oudtshoorn this year (2017). Awestruck by his bearded handiwork, I decided to delve a little deeper into the artist behind the work. I was thrilled to discover his take on diligence. 

1. Welcome to Nationinspiration. Please tell us about yourself, your name, and how you discovered your passion for art?

Since childhood, I’ve been drawn to sculpture, architecture, and design. I loved making sculptures for my mom, helping people with interior architecture and designing clothes. God placed an urgency in my heart to seek Him. I went to university to study theology, but to me, the studies seemed far removed from the Word of God and His truth. So, I went to the army, came back after two years, and studied art. 

Going through a low point in my life, I asked God for a breakthrough. He gave me the name Munro, and I had faith that God had blessed me. Suddenly agents and galleries were just buying up my work and I had to work full-time to supply the demand. It was (and still is) a miracle. Recently I learned that Munro is a high mountain. According to types and shadows of the Bible, a mountain refers to one who has matured in His walk with God. I believe with the name Munro, God gave me the promise of spiritual growth. My birth name is a family and pagan name, so looking back, it seemed only right that God gave me a new one! As Munro, my life has always been blessed. I believe it is all by grace. 

2. Why the bearded men? A specific reason?

For me, the bearded men are symbolic of Christian values. It symbolizes the traditional role of a man as head of His household, taking charge and looking after his family.

3. What Mediums do you enjoy using most?

I love oil, acrylic, and tempera.

4. NationInspiration is all about inspiring people to give what they’ve got, no matter how small the contribution, it can make a big difference. What or Who inspires you? 

The Word says if any would not work, neither should he eat. This piece of scripture motivates me to be diligent. Whatever you do, do it as unto God, and He shall reward you. The workman is worthy of his meat. 
Sometimes I do not paint for months on end, but I work every day: homeschooling my son, gardening, cleaning the house and fixing things in and around the house. These jobs define me as a person more than any of my artworks ever would.

5. How would you like to impact or inspire your family through the legacy being built through your work? 

I would like my diligence to inspire my family. When I have to paint (usually because my wife booked an exhibition!), I often struggle with feelings of inadequacy. Despite these feelings of being unable to deliver anything worthwhile, I have to press on, just do it and trust God to do the rest. I would like to inspire my family to do just that.

6. Where can we see/find more of your work?

Vulintaba Munro Gallery (Newcastle) https://www.facebook.com/VulintabaMunroGallery/
De Stijl Munro Gallery (Gariepdam) https://www.facebook.com/MunroArtGalleries/
Voir Fine Art Gallery (Pretoria) https://www.facebook.com/voirfineart/

7. Quote or verse that you hold dear at this time?
I’m more of a chapter-at-a-time person, and this week, it is Ephesians 6 that just speaks to me. I love the Word of God.

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